Go to local Citizen Advice Service to get support to fill PIP application

Website: citizensadvice.org.uk

Get as much medical information as possible

  • Consultant letters
  • medical notes if you have them
  • Medication list
  • Disability Aid List that you use state if you still need support despite these aids


Request your Caregiver to submit a basic daily report signed and dated

Caregiver statement of your basic day cover

  • Who requires care?
  • Why the care is required?
  • What Care is required?
  • When the care is required?
  • Where the care is required?

If you do not have caregiver you can submit basic statement of your day.

Submit additional information from other support service involved in your care not already covered. You can ask family members or friends to write statement. Send application and information recorded delivery.

A good site to understand what level of award you should be expecting:


Medical Examination

PIP Appointments:

  • If you can travel if possible take some with you
  • Some Organisations or local provision in your area may be made available to support you if required
  • Speak with Social Work or Citizen Advice in your area
  • If you cannot travel and have been refused a home assessment you can request supporting letter for one from your General practitioner
  • Call ahead to find out disability access if they have lift for example



  • Seek support from Welfare Rights/Citizen Advice
  • Request the Medical Reports from Department of Work and Pensions
  • Highlight any failing or mistakes if these have occurred
  • Submit formal complaint if needed
  • Seek your Member of Parliament support to highlight errors if required
  • If any information is missed at application you can submit this at this stage